How to read your broadband bill

Keen to understand your Origin Broadband bill in more detail? We break down each section in our bill explainer.

We've arranged your monthly Origin broadband bill items into handy, numbered sections. You'll see your service details, any one-off charges, credits and a snapshot of your billing history. See all the ways to pay your bill and your itemised phone calls, if you have a home phone service with us.

We've numbered some bill items to explain each in more detail in our page-by-page explainer.

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This is what the information in each section of your broadband bill means:

1. Billing period
The period of time covered by this bill (e.g. 1 May — 31 May 20) and pro rata (if it applies). For broadband, billing periods are monthly.

2. Your account details
Your account number, the tax invoice number and the date this bill was issued.

3. Due date
Is the day by which you need to pay your bill.

4. Amount due
The amount due is how much you need to pay (incl GST). 

5. Account summary

  • Previous activity is the balance of the previous billing period and any payments you’ve made during that month.
  • Your new charges shows a summary of the monthly charges for your services as well as ‘Other Charges & Credits’ and the Total Due. All costs incl GST.
  • Total amount due is the total incl net GST. The amount may differ when:
    • Your account is in credit
    • Your account is overdue 
    • You have an outstanding amount due

6. How to pay

Shows the different ways you can pay your broadband bill including direct debit, credit card, BPAY and via mail.

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7. Your service details

  • Service address is the address of the property we’re billing you for – the address where your broadband is connected.
  • Plan is the name of your broadband plan or home phone plan.
  • Plan charges and call charges is a summary of your monthly plan charges and any credits or discounts you have. Your call charges are broken down if you have an Origin Home Phone. 

8. Your billing history

Shows the last 4 invoices you've been issued.

9. Once-off charges and credits

A summary of charges or credits that aren’t billed monthly, including setup fees, modem delivery fees, late payment fees, credit card payment or paper bill fees. All of these incl GST.

10. Payments received

An account of any payments you’ve made in your billing period.

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11. Itemised calls
Origin Home Phone customers – this is where you'll find a summary of your local, national, mobile, 13 or 1300, international calls, along with any other features relating to your service.

12. Need to contact us?

Our email and phone contact details should you need to get in touch.

The Origin broadband bill image is for illustration and is indicative only.