Using LPG

Supply options

Gas bottles

Order a gas bottle whenever you need it, and we’ll exchange your empty cylinder with a full one.

Gas bottle exchange

On-site gas refills

Receive regularly scheduled deliveries, where your LPG is topped up on-site by a gas truck.

How refills work

LPG for business

Businesses rely on LPG just as much as homes, using it to power forklifts, cook and heat. 

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LPG products

BBQ gas

Enjoy the outdoors with Origin LPG Quick Swap cylinders - a perfect way to fire up your BBQ.

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Most petrol engines can be converted to LPG, making it a common alternative for car owners.

Using autogas

Hot water systems

Get hot water that never runs out with a gas-powered continuous flow hot water system.

Hot water systems


Forklifts running on LPG are a popular choice for small, medium and large businesses across Australia.

Forklift gas

Cooking with LPG

Get inspired with our LPG recipes

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LPG is a multi-purpose form of energy, used all over the world.

Because it can be stored in bottles and transported to different locations, it's a reliable alternative in areas where natural gas and other fuels aren't available.

You'll commonly find LPG used in homes for cooking, hot water and heating. But it also works as autogas in your car, and it's sold in small bottles for use with BBQs, patio heaters, boats and caravans.

What is LPG?