Green LPG

While LPG is more environmentally friendly than other energy options, using it still releases greenhouse gases.

By choosing Green LPG, you'll help to reduce the impact of your LPG consumption on the environment through carbon offsetting.

What is carbon offsetting?


Carbon offsetting involves a project or activity that lessens greenhouse gas emissions or removes carbon from the atmosphere to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions produced from other activities.

We use published emissions factors to estimate the emissions produced by your LPG consumption and offset them.

For every tonne of emission generated from your LPG usage, we arrange for one tonne of emission reduction to occur.

More on green energy


Greenhouse gas offsets

Carbon offsetting can be used to cancel out or 'offset' the emissions generated by the use of LPG through a range of verified greenhouse gas offsets.


Planting trees

Carbon offset projects can include planting whole forests to absorb the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


Renewable energy

Investment in renewable energy including solar, wind and hydro energy is used to offset carbon emissions from non-renewable sources like coal, oil or natural gas.


Projects to reduce emissions

Energy efficiency programs promoting products such as light globes and water-saving showerheads can help households save power, lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce energy bills.

How does Green LPG work?

How much does Green LPG cost?

At a cost of $3 (including GST) extra per 45kg cylinder (or tanker-fill equivalent), Green LPG is an affordable option for people who want to offset their LPG usage.

Do I need any new equipment?

No. There are no new connections or hardware, and no change to your LPG supply. You'll receive your Origin LPG deliveries in the same way as you do now. We take care of the rest.

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