Getting energy right for our customers, communities and planet.

Our purpose drives everything.

It’s why we’re here and how we make a difference to people’s lives.

It’s an aspiration that acknowledges we’re not there yet.

For us, every word matters.

We’re one company, and within us there are thousands of amazing people and a million opportunities to get energy right. 

We want people to know us by the way we bring a little bit of good energy to everything we say and do.

Our purpose ultimately defines our business strategy, our company values and our brand.

It's our focus.

Our pillars

We're here to deliver to all our stakeholders, equally:

  • Customers
  • Communities
  • People
  • Shareholders

Our values

  • Work as one team, one Origin
  • Be the customer champion
  • Care about our impact
  • Being accountable
  • Find a better way

Our values help guide our decisions, balance our priorities, connecting us to achieve our purpose. They're part of everything we do.

Our team

It takes a lot of people to explore, generate and sell energy - there are more than 6,000 of us.

Meet our team

Origin workers