At Origin, we’re delivering the energy our customers need today and connecting them with the energy of the future.
We’re working to reduce our emissions, increase our renewable power generation – and reduce our reliance on coal.

Because that's good energy.


We're committed to renewable energy

We’ve invested more than $800 million towards a renewable energy future.

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We're working toward decarbonisation

We have a 5 pillar approach to drive the progressive decarbonisation of our business. 

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We're one of Australia's biggest solar installers

We've installed over 1.3 million solar panels across Australia in 10 years. Installation costs are now down 40% from 5 years ago.

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We have batteries for solar storage solutions

We offer both Tesla and LG batteries for all-in-one solar system solutions, installed and maintained by our nation-wide solar system experts.

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Sustainability reports

We're on track for renewables to make up more than 25% of our generation mix by 2020. Read more about how we're working to get energy right for our customers, communities and planet in our 2019 Sustainability report. 

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Scenario analysis

Read about Origin’s position on climate change and the resilience of our generation portfolio to a low-carbon economy in our scenario analysis report.

"Our position on climate change is absolutely clear. We unequivocally support measures to progressively reduce global emissions and acknowledge the role the energy sector needs to play in transitioning to a lower carbon future."

Frank Calabria, CEO