You'll find our team working from dozens of locations around Australia and overseas - from remote sites to city offices, regional areas and offshore.

Explore and produce

With reserve opportunities in the Bass and Otway basins, and new exploration interests in Australia's Beetaloo, Bonaparte, Browse and Cooper basins, we're continuing to invest in exploration and production.

Origin holds a 37.5 per cent share in the Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG) project, has joint ventures with ConocoPhillips and Sinopec, as well as exploration projects overseas.

Our range of onshore and offshore, conventional and unconventional (CSG, shale and tight gas) exploration and development programs are underway and we're seeking to build our subsurface expertise with experienced Petroleum/Reservoir Engineers, Geoscientists and Drilling Engineers.

Drilling Superintendent


Describe your typical day? My days depend on whether it is an operational drilling day. If so, I check the drilling reports, speak with the drilling operator to review the previous 12 hours of drilling and chair the daily drilling meeting. In that meeting we discuss safety, review the previous 12 hours and plan the operations and logistics of the next 12 hours. When we're not drilling I am focused on planning and reviewing our drilling programs.

What type of person would thrive in your team? They would need to be analytical, tenacious and have good problem solving skills. They would need to enjoy jumping in and getting the job done.

Kelly, Mechanical Engineering Officer


We generate and produce energy from one of Australia's largest, and one of the most flexible, generation portfolios.

We’re one of the largest owners and developers of natural gas-fired power generation in Australia, and also produce power from other fuel sources, including black coal and renewable energy from wind farms.

We’re looking for skilled people to join our team including plant engineers and project managers.

Mechanical engineering officer


Describe your typical day? I coordinate planned and unplanned maintenance with the contractor staff and a variety of contract administration duties and plant inspections. I also work closely with the team to achieve generation plant efficiency.

What type of person would thrive in your team? Someone with the enthusiasm to achieve results and someone not afraid of challenges or change. Someone who has the initiative to continue learning and developing in their role. And someone who enjoys multitasking - there are always several things to juggle at any one time.

Kelly, Mechanical Engineering Officer

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As the largest energy retailer in Australia, we’re constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our 4.3 million customer accounts.

We’re looking for customer-focused people to be part of our team, including customer service, pricing and regulatory compliance experts.

We’re also searching for traders and analysts to pursue opportunities in energy markets, as well as customer-orientated people to work in our Contact Centres.

Planning Manager


How does your role contribute to Origin's integrated operations? My role helps ensure that customers who purchase energy from us have a great experience with us - whether that be through the interactions that they have with us or through the products and associated benefits that they purchase from us.

What type of person would thrive in your team? Someone who is a passionate advocate of the customer - and that is comfortable challenging the status quo and likes to make change happen. Someone who can bring together insights from different parts of the business and then make good commercial decisions about which opportunities are the right ones to tackle and has some good planning skills.

Brooke, Product Strategy and Planning Manager


We need the right support across risk management, finance, human resources, IT, strategy, legal, marketing and communication, corporate affairs, facilities and administration.

Administration Manager


Describe your typical day? No two days are the same (or typical) but my day usually involves working to resolve various issues and enquiries both internal and external across my areas of responsibility and providing direction and guidance as part of the station’s Leadership Team.

How does your role contribute to Origin's integrated operations? By managing and providing high quality support services my role contributes to Eraring Power Station’s overall efficient operation, while my role in community engagement and liaison contributes to Origin being an active member of the community.

Antony, Administration Manager

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